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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Smooth & CrsipySoft

So our best friends Smooth & CrispySoft took The Boy and me out for dinner at the Farallon in San Francisco. To me it was legendary, as I had heard the decor alone as fantastic, think Disney's Pinocchio ride meets upscale Lounge. The restaurant is billed as seafood and is in the heart of union square. I had the brilliant idea of doing window shopping at Saks, Neimans & William Sonoma and a bit of gazing at the 70 foot lit Christmas tree in union square.

Well, the tree wasn't lit, except for all of 20 minutes, window shopping at Saks was disappointing because their displays were not ready yet- so after Smooth and I dragged the boys through Victoria Secret we decided to sit in Farallon's bar and have drinks until dinner.

The Farallon was SO much fun but I give Smooth & CrispySoft credit for that. The lights are cool; glass Jellyfish sculptural creations that swim about the ceiling. The sand colored and vaguely Grecian tiles on the ground are a little weird placed as if they'd been underwater and shifting with the flow of ancient tides.The bathroom is SO not fabulous at all. Here I am unimpressed.

( I can rattle off 8 different bathrooms in the union square district alone with amazing bathrooms, sheesh.) We sat in the bar area by the window and watched Holiday Shoppers tote packages behind them. I ordered a Cosmo (of course!) and Smooth ordered a Lemon Drop. Notoriously icky things- I sipped hers and found it to be simply heavenly!! My Cosmo was damn near the best I have ever tasted made with my favorite vodka, Hanger One Mandarin. The Boy had a Margarita and CrispySoft had a Mojito (of course!) He and I both have our signature drinks. Such fun chatting!

Smooth's mom is quite the gourmet and is attempting.... Yeah you guessed it....inspired by Paula Dean herself- Turducken. Ok, ew. I told Smooth that My Mum and I are against it and think it immoral layering & stuffing poultry inside each another to cook. Not up on Turducken? Here be a link. Basically you butterfly your Turkey, layer it with a Duck that is butterflied and then a chicken. Tie it all up and roast. It is so much more complicated then that and seriously grosses me out so I am done talking about it.

At Dinner, we ordered the seafood platter mega extravaganza thingy. It was this HUGE tray full of Oysters, lobster, crab, raw scallops, etc. What fun. The Boy and I learned we do not care for raw oysters. Give us 5 years I'm sure it’s all we will be talking about, first wine, and then mushrooms, maybe oysters and Turducken are next. *shudder*

We had a Talbot Chardonnay, 2001. Best Chardonnay I've had all year. The Boy can really pick them. We also had a Barbera from Aldo in Italy... it was a bit too light for The Boy and I, but Smooth & CrispySoft seemed to enjoy it. Little cups of Butternut Squash and truffle oil soup were brought to the table and I could have died happily right there and then, with the vanilla of the toasted oak in the wine, it paired so well with the velvety texture and aromas of the soup.

Smooth and I had the Thai Snapper with Florentine gnocchi and shaved porcinis with white truffle oil. CrispySoft choose the Halibut with grilled Porcini and The Boy had the Ono (like tuna) with a chanterelle relish. Poor Boy..., he was really trying to expand his palate. He discovered he also hates Ono. It has a very intense ocean flavor to it, which The Boy can not stand; I on the other hand love it.

For desert CrispySoft and I shared the cheese plate with 6 different varietals mostly from California but a nice blue cheese from Ireland and a wonderful semi-hard sheep’s milk dusted with cocoa. Smooth had a bake apple cobbler with Butterscotch ice-cream and The Boy, god love him, had Baked Alaska. I have always wanted to know what the hell that was. We finished the meal with mini slices of huckleberry cake with huckleberry sauce and huckleberry ice cream. Over all it was a fun, generous and lavish meal with good friends. Something The Boy and I love more then anything else.

CrispySoft kissing Smooth.


Anonymous suzy said...

my goodness, the turducken sounds completely diabolical!

November 22, 2005 6:10 PM  
Blogger Sara, The Wine Makers Wife said...

It seriously is. Itmust be some weird American thing. I know its rediculous. I eat paella with mussles, clams, shrimp- wher eI am combining 3 differnt sea foods- but the idea of splitting a turkey down the middle, shoving a duck inside it, with a chicken wadded up inside that- that jsut doesn't sit well with me. Seems cruel actually.
Anyway, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. I'm sure if I ever tried it, I'd be suprised at how well is tasted....

But for now, EWWWW.

November 23, 2005 8:01 AM  

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