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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Sin that is Butter

Sara: What was also cool at The Farallon was the butter on the table was (slightly) salted, but then they sprinkled red Hawaiian salt on top of it. Adding this perfect level of sea salt to the creaminess of the butter. The Boy was beside himself, you know how he's really into salt all the sudden. I told him we can do this at home, as I have unsalted butter and red Hawaiian sea salt. So we need to have you over soon, for dinner.

Bryon: I'm trippin' on the whole red salt thing, gotta try that. I myself usually buy
unsalted butter and add my own salt, but RED, oh my that is adventurous...

Sara: Yes, the red sea salt thing blew my mind too. Its the simple things in life isn't it? The combination of the sea salt with a nice fat wedge of butter smeared onto sourdough; the tiny granules not evenly mixed in- sort of surprises your palate as your eating the bread. You can really taste the Pacific Ocean in this salt, I sound crazy, but I mean it. Tasting this was just so smacking of "why didn't I think of that". The Boy seriously like needed a moment to himself when he tasted it. I thought his little eyes were going to roll back into his head.


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