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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

All Hallow's Eve

Halloween Night was spent in the comfort of my cozy little house with The Boy. Who got home before me and labored in the kitchen, cooking artichokes for me, carving the pumpkin and setting up the front door with a bowl of candy and arranging more candles outside on the
walkway. I got home at 6:30pm and demanded an update.

No trick or treaters yet.

To which I replied confidently, "Thats ok, they'll come."
By 8:30pm we grabbed out very full bowl and knocked on our neighbor's door door. We found Craig munching on candy from the pockets of his Duster Coat and looking sheepish. "Suppose you didn't get any either then?" (He has this awsome South African accent.) So Craig and Michelle, The Boy and I swapped sob strories over how hard we worked to set the walkways up with our pumpkins, and no children came to our doors.
Craig ran off to pick up their children, who were in a ritzy neighborhood 20 minutes away, trick or treating. The Boy was run off by Michelle and I. Michelle was the first woman I had come in contact with since I had had the evening to marinate in what I had done before I got home....and I (embarassingly) spent 10 minutes talking her ear off
about the purchase of my wedding dress.

So I took my mom, dad and aunt Andrea to look at dresses yesterday afternoon, since no one could be satisfied with what they thought I should wear. I needed my oppinions heard, the bridal shop girls oppinion on what fits me, what nightmares she's witnessed etc. (Shannon) and my parents oppinion. I had the full experience since no one was in the shop. I stood on a wood box in the middle of the entire store for all to see. Dad would ask a question on the fabric, Shannon would unzip me, jam her hand down my front and fish out a tag, in the mean time exposing me in my mismatched undies for all of downtown to see. But what can you do- A dress was decided upon and my measurements were taken, and thats one more thing off my list!

My darling Edward Scissorhands. Seems that The Boy won best costume for the 3rd year in a row!


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