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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Spinach Stress Relief

I would always watch cooking shows, even as a little kid on PBS. It started with the Frugal Gourmet, Jef Smith, who ended up molesting boys- but besides that his show was damned good. I branched out to Yan Can Cook, Jacques Pepin, etc. Then Food TV launched and it was love. Jamie Oliver, Nigela Lawson- all of them cooking and making me feel relaxed as they talked to me, leaning into a bowl of goop up to their elbows. Ahhh. ^_^
Despite the Brits being so well known in America for their terrible food, I must say my favorite cooks to date have been British and Southern. Paula Deen is my current fav, thats a pic of her on my tv ( I usually am never home when my favorite shows ar eon, so the Boy and I have Tivo and it records out favorite shows for us while we are out! ) But :
I digress.

Yesterday I was stressed. I get impatient with things, give up, and feel disappointed start over, get frustrated, give up, and get depressed. Nigela and Jamie have always maintained that for them, cooking relaxed them, they felt better about the world when kneading dough or chopping veg.I never agreed. Much more interested in the sloth of my welcoming couch and their handwork. However, I decided I needed to make spinach soup. So I bought all the makings, went home and began dicing, chopping, stirring and seasoning. I even made chocolate cupcakes for the Boy.
And I felt better.
Perhaps this is yet another step in my pursuit of
Domestic Goddessness.

I have been buying fabric from fat Quarter Shop.com like nobodies business.I have a ton of projects to jump on. My mom has started a quilting group for friends at my grandfather’s house, every Sunday morning, first Sunday of the month. This Sunday is the first one! I'm very excited. I'm thinking of making orange muffins. Sorta on a muffin kick at the moment. Anyway I will lug my bernina over to jack's, with my new fabric bag that Lisa bought me and enjoy the day being crafty.

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