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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pineapple Alchemy

Anthony Bourdain :
"Its the simple food that chef's crave. The home-made cooking, and for me, I'm continually facinated by bread and soup. Its like Alchemy. Your turning simple ingrdients into something magical through sorcery."

As an engagment gift Bryon gave us a pineapple plant. I had read about how its possile to chop the top off a pineapple, as long as it has an inch from the crown still attached, then plant it, and it will root. Fascinated about the possiblitly of doing such a thing I shared this with him. Imagine how humbled I was to recieve this gift after I had been talking about this concept so ravenously.

This post is dedicated to my frind Bryon, a like minded Foodie who thirsts for the quality of life as much as The Boy. He is our partner in crime and our most favorite dinner guest. Through him The Boy and I developed our love for cooking with mushrooms, discovered Sailor Jerry's rum, and showed us how he makes his own liquers with infusions. He's clevar about finding cool local shops that sell amazing ingredients at extroidinary prices.

He's also got this really chill apartment with little plants everywhere, knee hieght, hanging from the ceiling in a sunny corner of the room, coffee table books everyhere full of far away people and places. I swear his plants are more alive then I can ever fully vocalize- they are happy, you can tell. Cheery and quiet, they create this blissful relaxed atmosphere that is very desireable.

Bryon's an alchemist if ever I met one. Turning the most common aspects of food and life into something special.


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