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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Earnest Lattes

I believe in intuition. Listen to the nagging little voice that whispers to you at the oddest moments. Most people ignore this voice, paying higher tribute or respect to what they know to be fact,or what they’ve been taught. They disregard the naturalness of that voice. Ignore the gift of ‘simplicity of instinct’. Intuition being the subspecies of Instinct, both are qualities of a quieter knowledge that lives in your soul.

These can be of great or little importance, these twinges of subconscious knowledge- like yesterday morning for example. I was driving to work and suddenly knew that my favorite Home Décor store in Eugene, Oregon had begun to put up their Christmas Holiday trees and decorations, including ornaments. (Hey, what did you expect, lotto numbers? Sheesh. In addition I admittedly have a deep obsession for ornaments which is something completely off topic at this time.)

My best friend emailed me 2 hours later when she had decided to roll out of bed. Her first action of the day was expressing, through stabs of keys on her laptop, that Reed&Cross had begun decorating for the Holidays. She’d driven by the day before and spied the shop girls decorating faux trees with bobbles & illuminated strands. Becca is myfriend for many reason but especially becuase she shares my love for sparkly things.

It is always morning, sometimes bedtime, when my intuition speaks to me. I quote Paul McCartney who said “the best time of day was that moment between awake and dreaming, when things are tangible and bend.” I know this to be true because your not fully alert, and you are not fully asleep, you delve into a pocket of time where you become susceptible to delusion. (Or, intuition.)

Earnest came to me today as I balanced my lunch bag, car keys, coffee cup filled with Mocha Pumpkin spice latte- a new creation of mine, and a shopping bag of goodies for my brother while trying to exit the backdoor of my kitchen.

Just one single word.

As I arrived at my computer at work I 'googeld' the meaning of the word and here it is. “Marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness: an earnest gesture of goodwill.”

Perhaps I am not earnest enough. Why else would I be thinking about it? As self congratulatory praise is not something I dwell on.
I began to wonder how my earnest actions in my everyday life are perhaps not good enough…

Every week, sometimes twice a week I shop for my brother and mail him a package with his favorite snacks. I write him a card and tell him I’m proud of him. He loves mail and I want him to get a package at least once a week with something to brighten his day.

I write my fiancé a love note and or pack him a lunch 3 times a week.

I also try out new recipes , like muffins and brownies as treats for him to take to work and to share with his friends at work. I try out new recipes and cook more for him since he’s very busy with Harvest and has no time to cook for me like usual. Though he cooks better then I do, I try to shop for fresh produce, be frugal, be extravagant, & make something special.

I wrote my cousin a note and dropped it off at her house yesterday expressing my support for her as she is struggling with personal things right now. But there is proboly better, smarter ways and certain more ways in which I could be earnest.

Being earnest is doing something above yourself so that someone else benefits…But that’s not human nature. Human nature is to do the best thing at all times for ones self.
And yet, we are still capable of truly earnest acts. My actions make for a happy fiancé and a happy brother and I benefit from that. But I wonder in what ways I can begin to be more earnest in all of my actions, not just toward loved ones…

Anyway, moving on.

Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte Recipe

In a 8 oz mug pour ½ C milk of choice. The more fat in the milk the better it with froth.
Add a dash of Pumpkin spice or a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.
Add 1 tbsp of baking cocoa
With a whisk or with a milk frother, battery operating device found at kitchen supply stores, blend spices and milk.
Add 1 tsp Sugar and blend again. If using a frother you want to have the head just below the surface of the milk so that you are proper mixing air into the milk.
Add fresh hot coffee by pouring coffee through center of the foam so that you are left with a small dot of coffee stained foam at top of mug, and serve.

I promise you that when sipping this on a brisk morning, it will completely uplift you. You will become aware of all the acorns that have dropped on the pavement, you will begin to mentally plan your Christmas shopping list, you will feel an inner calm that can only be brought to you the way a cup of hot coffee in Autumn can.

Excuse the phone cam pic.

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