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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Baby Miyabi, the daughter of The Boy's wine partner, has arrived!! Female,born this morning, thats about all I know. Man, can The Boy predict them. He called me at 4pm yesterday after noon.
"Hiroko is going to have the baby any day now, you gotta finish that quilt."
Hey, I only started it last THURSDAY.
"I know but like how much of a hurry do you think I need to be in?"
To which The Boy replied, "I'd be in a real big hurry if I were you."
I did finsih it last night, about the same time that Hiroko went to the hospital. I sewed a label onto it, wrapped it up in the cutest baby gift bag and tissue I could find and left it at their apartment door step.

Made for baby Miyabi
October 20, 2005

The stars shine down upon you, the world is yours for the taking.


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