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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Orange Brownie expedition in Paso Robles

There are many many things to discuss and I want nothing to do with them. Anyone want to talk about Katrina? No, not extensible and no, not deeply. I'm ill from it, from the lack of things I can do besides throw money at the situation and from the constant coverage of how badly everyone thinks Bush is handling it. I'm frustrated by it and wonder if deep down , I'm supremely disaffected by it. I have never been there, never known anyone from New Orleans or any southern states at all really. I feel very removed from it and rather awkward talking about it because I am completely unqualified and a bit embarrassed by that.

In other news, I had a weekend in Paso Robles with my father, the Zinfandel capitol of California, so to speak. It gloriously sunny, toasty, warm, and makes me lazy, wishing for a life that was independently wealthy and could laze about in my extremely large home and acerage, admiring the view of the massive hillsides that surround; wandering about exploring the dusty back roads for artisan shops.

I found one actually in just that way. While day dreaming of just what I stated above my little eyes spied a small sign in the distance. Sure enough was the well renowned olivie oil company:

Which is owned and run by a fantastic family of olive growers. Not only do they make varietals from only Tuscan trees, but also flavor them with Meyer Lemon (how Californian can you get?) and Seville oranges. The throw the skins right in with the olives as the press and crush- infusing the oil with the oils from the citrus. Marvelous Tip I even suggest is to buy a cheap little box of instant brownie mix and substitute the orange infused olive oil in instead of the canola oil. You get this wonderful moist combination of smooth velvety choco-goodness with lovely whispers of fresh orange across the palate. Very delicate and not over whelming.

The gift shop rocks and I wanted to buy one of everything in it, olive oil lip balm and table linens from similar artisan shops in Italy. Probably just as difficult to find as Pasolivio.